Friday, June 3, 2016

What Are You Reading? May 2016 Edition

May Total: 33
Year to date: 134

LEGO Play Book           Lipkowitz, Daniel
The Bird King and Other Sketches          Tan, Shaun

Sardine in Outer Space 2        Guibert, Emmanuel
Sardine in Outer Space  Guibert, Emmanuel
The Fall of the House of West Pope, Paul

Bandette, Volume 1: Presto!   Tobin, Paul
Daredevil, Volume 1    Waid, Mark
Princeless, Vol. 3: The Pirate Princess Whitley, Jeremy
Delilah Dirk and the King's Shilling (Delilah Dirk, #2)      Cliff, Tony
Space Dumplins      Thompson, Craig
Barbarian Lord   Smith, Matt
Marvel 1602    Gaiman, Neil

Picture Books
I Did It with My Hatchet: A Story of George Washington Quackenbush, Robert M.
Wise Guy: The Life and Philosophy of Socrates   Usher, M.D.
Follow the Dream: The Story of Christopher Columbus   Sís, Peter
11 Experiments That Failed       Offill, Jenny
Baby Loves to Rock!     Kirwan, Wednesday
While You Were Napping          Offill, Jenny
Gordon Parks: How the Photographer Captured Black and White America         Weatherford, Carole Boston
A World Full of Monsters           McQueen, John Troy
The Beginner's Guide to Running Away from Home      Huget, Jennifer Larue
Pigs Make Me Sneeze! (Elephant & Piggie, #10) Willems, Mo
Star Wars: The Death Star         Whitman, John
Pinkerton, Behave!      Kellogg, Stevens-
The House of Wisdom   Heide, Florence Parry
When Marian Sang: The True Recital of Marian Anderson          Muñoz Ryan, Pam
Soon, Baboon, Soon    Horowitz, Dave
The Cosmobiography of Sun Ra: The Sound of Joy is Enlightening                           Raschka, Chris
All the World   Scanlon, Liz Garton
John Jensen Feels Different (Johannes Jensen, #1)      Hovland, Henrik
Knit Your Bit: A World War I Story          Hopkinson, Deborah
I Speak Dinosaur           Henry, Jed
The Woods      Hoppe, Paul

Quick Takes
Shaun Tan is a genius, and "The Bird King and Other Sketches" gives us a beautiful glimpse into his internal creative landscape. It contains some process art which will be familiar to his readers, and other sketches which hint at exciting possibilities of new stories to come.

"Marvel 1602" is definitely one of the most creative Marvel universe adaptations, though it moves a little too quickly to give its characters time to fully grow.

"Knit Your Bit" is a worthwhile look at the WWI homefront. Pair it with a book on the Christmas truce, and you have an effective mini-lesson on the so-called Great War. "I Did it With My Hatchet" and "The House of Wisdom" deserve demerits for spreading historical misinformation. While Quackenbush at first works to debunk some common Washington myths, he takes a bizarre turn at the end, claiming that Washington witnessed the rise of Democrats and Republicans (the major parties wouldn't go by these names until the 1850's, and it was only in the 1980's that they developed their present alignments). Heide makes a noble effort to share the story of an Islamic Renaissance, but falls into major factual errors about the period of translation. Since I studied the translation period in some detail in college, the inaccuracies made it less enjoyable for me.

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