Friday, February 5, 2010

Is Matt older than my Dad?

This is one of the questions my four-year old cousin asked my Grandma this morning, when he came over to play.

(He also asked her "Are you older than my mom?" which led to a visit to one of the family photo albums (The one with pictures of his mother as a baby.))

Little kids ask lots of questions, it seems, because they're still trying to figure out how the world works. Most adults have already given up.

(Or they've somehow gotten the dangerous notion that they understand it all, which can lead to some pretty magnificent missteps.)

So hurray for questions, and may we never stop asking them!


  1. do you mean cousin? Although I do like that we do have a tendency in the family to elevate older cousins to the status of aunts and uncles--but maybe that's only because I am the oldest :) I was very put out when H. realized that I was not her aunt and refused to call me aunt anymore.

    I do remember arguing, at about the age of 4, with mom about the fact that grandma was her mother, and my aunt was her sister. They were related to me, not her. I couldn't conceive of the idea that they could have multiple titles and roles.

  2. You're right! He's my cousin. This whole cousin-nephew business is confusing, especially now that I actually have a niece who's older than my youngest cousin. I haven't quite gotten used to having multiple titles myself.

  3. "Life is a playground, kids know this, but somewhere along the way people lose it." -- YES MAN