Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why make new mistakes when you can just perfect the old ones?

Every week, I have economics homework due Thursday morning. It takes four hours, at least. Every Wednesday, I suddenly remember that it's due the next day. Every Wednesday night, I'm up past two.

This is the seventh week. You'd think I woulda learned.


  1. This week, I devoted two hours to Econ homework on Tuesday night, and then went to bed at midnight on Wednesday with the homework half done. I finished the assignment during the first part of the lecture, and turned it in at the end of class (still accepted.)

  2. Well done. You are learning the ways to survive Kearl.
    Do you live in the econ lab? Because I found that quite helpful.
    And the TAs are quite nice, once you become a regular.

    P.S. How are you? I was reading your blog and remembered how much I miss your enlightening perspectives on life. I think we ought to have another F.A. reunion of some type. Particularly if Siebach were invited as well.